Are all of The Sophisticate's Teas supposed to be mixed with dairy or a dairy substitute?

Yes. We create all of our teas to be mixed with your favorite dairy or dairy substitute, such as almond or soy, in equal parts. So if you're making an 8 oz. cup, pour 4 oz of tea concentrate into your mug, followed by 4 oz of your favorite dairy or dairy substitute. Pop it in the microwave to heat it up, or drink it over ice.

If you wish to mix the concentrate with water, we recommend 2 parts water to 1 part tea concentrate. And if you wish to mix with another beverage, drink at your own risk! 

What is the shelf life of your tea?

Our tea has a shelf life of one year from the date of production. When the tea is opened, the tea must be refrigerated and it will maintain its flavor for three weeks.

Can I purchase The Sophisticate's Tea at a wholesale price?

If you represent a business, please email us at sales@thesophisticatestea.com for wholesale pricing. 

What is the standard shipping method and length of time for delivery?

We ship through Fed Ex. Typical shipping time is 3 to 7 business days. 

If I don't have a frother, how should I heat your tea? 

If you don't have a frother, heating the tea at medium heat on the stove with consistent stirring or heating it in the microwave at a setting that will not scald the beverage will give you a great tasting hot tea latte. In the near future, we hope to offer some inexpensive but quality frothers for sale on our site. We recommend the Breville Milk Cafe Electronic Frother

How does The Sophisticate's Chai compare to other chais on the market in taste?

The Sophisticate's Chai is less sweet and more balanced in spices than most other chai concentrates. Most chai concentrates contain between 15 - 30 grams of sugar per cup. Ours has 9 grams of organic cane juice and honey per cup. We worked hard to cut the sugar and balance the spices so that no spice or sweetener dominates the other flavors in the tea. Customers most often describe our chai as smooth on the front of the pallet with a nice spiciness in the back of the throat. 

What is the taste profile of The Sophisticate's Black?

The Sophisticate's Black has a strong black tea taste on the front of the pallet followed by a smooth vanilla finish. It is a little sweeter than The Sophisticate's Chai. Customers regularly compare it to the taste of a less sweetened Thai tea. 

How do you describe the taste of The Sophisticate's Mountain Fog? 

The Sophisticate's Mountain Fog has a strong floral taste, due to the organic Earl Grey, and a hint of vanilla. Most Earl Grey tea uses a synthetic bergamot oil that is far less potent than the real deal. 

How do The Sophisticate's Teas compare in nutrition to other concentrates?

Nutritional content is very important to us. We use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible. And we keep our sugar content below 15 grams per cup in all of our concentrates. At 9 grams of sugar per cup, The Sophisticate's Chai has much lower sugar content than nearly every chai on the market that we researched (other than the unsweetened varieties of course). The Sophisticate's Black has 14 grams of sugar per cup. And The Sophisticate's Mountain Fog has only 6 grams of sugar per cup. We sweeten our teas with organic cane juice and honey. 

What is the caffeine content of The Sophisticate's Tea concentrates? 

All of our tea concentrates currently have a black tea base. According to The Tea Association of the USA, a cup of black tea contains about 40 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a cup of black coffee contains at minimum 95 milligrams of caffeine. (See http://www.teausa.org/14655/tea-fact-sheet and http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/caffeine/art-20049372 for more information.)

How many tea latte cups can be made from one 32oz bottle?

Because you mix our tea concentrates with your favorite dairy or dairy substitute in equal parts, a 32oz bottle of concentrate will produce eight 8oz cups (4oz tea and 4oz milk). 

Are The Sophisticate's Teas gluten free?

Yes. Our concentrates are free from wheat, barley and rye.  

Are The Sophisticate's Teas vegan? 

Our concentrates do not contain dairy. You mix the concentrate with whatever dairy or dairy substitute you like. However, some of our concentrates contain honey, and it seems that the vegan community is divided as to whether honey is an animal product or not that a vegan can consume. Therefore, we'll leave the decision to you!

Are The Sophisticate's Teas gender neutral?

Yes! Women and men can enjoy all of our products!

Are The Sophisticate's Teas age appropriate?

Yes! Any drinker of any age can drink our teas to their heart's content.

Are The Sophisticate's Teas animal friendly?

Yes. Production of The Sophisticate's Tea involves no cruelty to animals.

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