• Tea Association of the USA: State of the Tea Industry 2015

    The Tea Association of the USA prepares an annual State of the Tea Industry. You can read the full report here
    While the report is a wealth of information for business insiders, it's also an interesting read about tea growth and a fantastic forecast for tea fans in the United States. The 2015 State of the Industry that was recently released confirms what we've been saying at The Sophisticate's Tea, namely, tea is the new craft brew. 
    Overall, the US tea market continues to grow in imports and consumption (around 5%) and is expected to continue to grow annually by 5%. Soon, the US will become the second largest tea importer in the world. 
    The good news for The Sophisticate's Tea and tea drinkers across the US is that new tea flavors and formats are driving the tea trend, with ready-to-drink teas and specialty teas pushing the market the most. We're excited that today's consumers are are looking for the products we're known for: high-quality craft brewed tea, new sensory tea experiences, local tea houses, the health benefits of tea, and the convenience of ready-to-drink teas. At The Sophisticate's Tea, we continue to meet these consumer demands as we grow in our wholesale distribution partners and plan future retail locations.
    We don't need to read tealeaves to get the tea market fortune. All we have to do is look at market trends to know that the pot is whistling and teacups in the US are ready to overflow. By following the trend of the craft wine artisans of the 1970s, the craft coffee makers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and the craft beer producers in the 2000s, The Sophisticate's Tea is ready to lead the new craft brew wave. Come drink with us!
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