• Coffee or Tea? That's the Wrong Question

    Coffee or tea? I hear this question more than I'd like, so I thought I'd settle the debate by removing the question.
    I think the question is silly, not because there aren't some differences between the two, but because most of the time the question is asked, the bean and the leaf are pitted unnecessarily against each other. It's like they're two rival gangs and we have to choose sides. End the gang violence!
    The bean and the leaf aren't at odds. They have much more in common than they have as differences.
    More importantly, I think the question of coffee or tea is silly because we don't live in an either / or world, a world where our differences need to divide us. We can live in a both / and world, a world of peaceful harmony where coffee and tea are the perfect beverage for different times and different occasions. (I also think that we should have a both / and approach to beer and wine for the same reason.)
    Much of the world drinks coffee in the morning to get the jolt of caffeine to jumpstart their day. Then they drink tea in the afternoon because tea provides a steady release of caffeine (due to the tannins in tea) that helps them get through the latter day without the jitters or sleepless nights. Why not drink both? Treat them like your children: you love them equally, but Thing 1 is much better at helping you cook the meal, and Thing 2 is much better at helping you clean up after the meal. 
    Even if you disagree with the both / and approach as a diehard coffee or tea drinker, your children will most likely not follow your lead. Most younger people drink both beverages equally and that trend is set to continue. In fact, I predict that in less than five years, nearly any coffeehouse you enter will have one menu devoted fully to coffee drinks and another equally long menu devoted fully to tea drinks. And we hope that that tea menu will be full of options from The Sophisticate's Tea. 
    Great men though disagree with me about the coffee or tea divide as Jerry Seinfeld and friends demonstrate in the clip below. And I know this blog won't end the age old dispute between the two, but if I can save at least one person from the violence of the bean or tea gangs, then I've done my part. 


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