• What Do Tea And Marijuana Have In Common?

    Now that recreational and medicinal marijuana are legally bought and sold in Colorado and a few other states, a number of fellow Americans are jumping on the green bandwagon to legalize it. But weed rather get you hookahd on another leaf, tea.
    Unlike Texas tea, actual tea relaxes and stimulates simultaneously, has only positive health benefits, and comes without any cultural stigma. But like Mary Jane, high dollar loose-leaf tea is sold in a couple of ounces, can be ingested through a variety of baked goods, and has a sordid and violent past with smugglers. The notorious Hawkhurst Gang smuggled tea in 18th century England using similar tactics to El Chapo's gang. Their gang sign? Pinky always out.
    Reading about tea's sordid smuggling history under the Hawkhurst Gang on our friends at NPR's Tea Tuesday blog was like reading a Tarantino script: it's not for the faint of heart as the violence is over the top. What I found interesting was William Pitt's ultimate solution to the decades-long violence of the tea smugglers. He took away their market by cutting the tax on tea so it was available to most people. Novel approach. 
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