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    The dregs are the sediment of a drink, the remnant of grounds at the bottom of your finished teacup, or coffee mug, or beer stein. Most people don't even notice them, and those that do are usually turned off by these bits of leftover ingredients, seeing them as dirty refuse for the waste bin. Oddly, I look for them in a drink.
    The dregs make me reflect on the ingredients of life and the hard craft of living, because even the most delicious life has bitter bits that necessarily add flavor as they settle. The dregs are a sign of a palate satisfied momentarily, and a subtle invitation to crave another round. They’re the brief applause for an accomplishment and a motivation to get on to the next task.
    The dregs aren’t wasteful remnants; they’re helpful reminders and powerful inspiration.
    We'll use our blog, "To The Dregs," to remind, to inspire, to satisfy, and to motivate. Our posts will vary from recipes, to tea education, to personal stories, to calls for social action. Mostly, we want to share ourselves with you through our ideas and experiences. And we want to hear your thoughts and learn from you. 
    At The Sophisticate’s Tea, we'd like you to drink life to the dregs daily, to get the most out of your cup by enjoying all the good life offers. And at the end of each day when you’ve finished your drink, let the dregs remind you of where you've been and give you hope to look forward to the next round. Cheers!
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